"... That if all vicious men are bound together and constitute a force, then all honorable men ought to do the same ..." -- Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace)
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Cornelio, 01:31 UTC, Sat 16 Sep, 2006: Welcome everyone! Finally, after so many years, I share this long cherished dream with you, invigorated by others who understood what Likas-Philippines means and what it can do -- for our country and our people. Help make this dream a reality.


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Volunteer Member Initiatives
Post your pet project here. Wait for a day or two before actually initiating -- to allow for comments and potential collaborators.
2 4 0.00 Fri 15 Sep, 2006 [01:34 UTC]
Re: Laguna Copperplate Inscription (LCI) Documentation by Cornelio
Core Team of Likas-Philippines
We are Filipinos, in our native land or in other countries of the world. What unites us is our passion to do something positive for the good of our people and out country. We devote our time, effort and whatever is needed to achieve thi...
2 2 0.00 Sat 23 Sep, 2006 [01:26 UTC]
Request permission to include some of your photos in Likas-Philippines by Cornelio
Likas-Philippines Community Calendars
How can we make the "Likas-Philippines Community Calendars" serve as vehicles to inform, a means to help create a Filipino identity, as well as serve as a cohesive force to enhance "bayanihan" at the "community" level?
0 0 0.00 Fri 25 Aug, 2006 [20:14 UTC]
Likas-Philippines Photogalleries
This will be the section for registered users, community leaders, editors, etc. to present, discuss and explore ideas on how to make the photogalleries more effective in achieving the goals of Likas-Philippines.
5 6 0.00 Sun 17 Sep, 2006 [14:18 UTC]
Provisional Copyright Agreement with Likas-Philippines by Cornelio
Likas-Philippines (Main) TikiWiki WebSite)
Present and discuss how to improve the Likas-Philippines "Main Site" here. Better still volunteer to help make your ideas and suggestions work.
0 0 0.00 Fri 25 Aug, 2006 [19:55 UTC]
Pioneers & Volunteer Brigade
Words are powerful, but without action, the idea remains a dream. We need your help to achieve the goals of "Likas-Philippines". Volunteer. This section will be the forum of those who volunteered to exchange ideas and shape them into ...
1 1 0.00 Wed 20 Sep, 2006 [00:32 UTC]
Likas-Philippines is a dream. Help make it a reality. by Cornelio
Website Guides, Policies and Protocols
Here we include links to guides for visitors, website policies and protocols so that you may make suggestions to make them work more effectively.
6 6 0.00 Sat 16 Sep, 2006 [00:35 UTC]
Goals and Objectives of Likas-Philippines by Cornelio
Meeting Place
This is where we meet to share our dreams, goals and aspirations -- to make our world a better place to live in.
1 1 0.00 Thu 14 Sep, 2006 [21:48 UTC]
Here we shall present the lighter side of us by Cornelio

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