"... That if all vicious men are bound together and constitute a force, then all honorable men ought to do the same ..." -- Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace)
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Cornelio, 01:31 UTC, Sat 16 Sep, 2006: Welcome everyone! Finally, after so many years, I share this long cherished dream with you, invigorated by others who understood what Likas-Philippines means and what it can do -- for our country and our people. Help make this dream a reality.

Featured Photo of the Day

Manila Yacht Club, Manila Bay. Manila, Metro Manila

"There's poetry in everything, even in the most mundane of things. How can you then begin to describe lonely boats and a golden sky ? I can only try." -- bingbing

Copyright by Bing Ramos
fr. Quezon City, Philippines

This section will feature exceptional images or art work about the Philippines and the Filipino people. We invite you to submit original work, especially about places that are not well-visited, or topics & issues that are not well-explored.

Featured Places, Topics, Events & Contributors

  • Wind from Home (Mountain Province) by Ayeona
  • Tawi-Tawi by Farl & Adlaw
  • Baguio by Gomi, Bingbing & Adlaw
  • Kadayawan by Ron Arguelles
  • Sinulog by Adlaw, Marvin Maning, Farl and the CebuSugbo Group

Festivals, Celebrations & Holidays


  • (1)
    -HINUGYAW Festival (Kidapawan, Cotabato)
    -HANDURAW Festival (Leon, Iloilo)
  • (1-10)
    -WOW HIRINUGYAW Festival (Cabatuan, Iloilo)
  • (3-7)

Help Build these Websites

We need your help for this endeavor to work. You may do that by visiting the various pages that have been created so far. Send us your feedback comments to guide us further in developing the various. Better still, please join us in creating the various pages, by contributing article, photos, links, posting comments, etc.

And if you are loaded and believe in what we are trying to achieve here, please be generous with your financial support.

All individual contributions will be used to establish an endowmment fund -- the interest from the endowment shall be used to pay for the annual domain name cost and webhosting fee charges for the site.

Welcome "Wiki-Philippines" of the Likas-Philippines (cache)webiste

[Important Notes: This site is kept for "historical purposes" only -- to show the evolution of the Likas-Philippines (cache) website. The contents of this Wiki-Philippines, found in phil.treasuresoftheinternet.org is kept essentially intact (i.e., with minimal changes) for this reason. The logon links at the top, except for the red Wiki-Philippines, lead you to current sites. All the navigational links on the left side are historical, and the contents remain unchanged (not updated). Please click the blue Likas-Philippines (cache) at the top right ffor the most recent contents.]

We invite you to help create the revised "Likas-Philippines" (cache) website! If this is your first visit here, please read:

  • Why Likas-Philippines?
    This is a more socio-political perspective on why every Filipino must care about how our country and our people are portrayed (and as a consequence perceived) by other peoples of the world.
  • Inrtoduction (cache)
    This is the Inrtoduction (cache) page for "Demo Concepts for Likas-Philippines"
  • Demo Concepts for Likas-Philippines
    These "Demo Concepts" are presented as dummy layouts that summarized concepts and ideas that we feel should be included in Likas-Philippines.

The "Likas-Philippines" (cache) website is one of our on-going projects to create more dynamic and interactive pages for Treasures of the Internet (cache). If this is your first time to visit any of the new dynamic pages of the Treasures of the Internet (cache) and all its affiliated websites, please visit the New Visitor's Guide, for further guidance.

Inside the "Likas-Philippines" website

"Likas-Philippines" comprises actually of multiple websites each prepated with its own software. Once fully develop, it will include individual websites for countries and peoples of the world, related photogalleries, calendars, forums, links directories, and more.

What's New

The "Likas-Philippines" Main Page

The "Likas-Philippines" Main Page, that includes this " homepage, is a collaborative and interactive "wiki-based" website? -- allowing you and other people who are interested to participate in the creation and development of its contents and evolution.

All visitors have access to almost all the contents of the "Likas-Philippines" Main Page. Further, if you register (once) and login (each time), you may

  • contribute new articles, edit and improve on existing articles
  • participate in forums, polls, surveys
  • quickly "relate" with others through the "shoutbox"
  • and more

The above are but a few features that could be accomplished with the revised "wiki-based"? "Likas-Philippines" Main Page. A good example of a "wiki" website? is Wikipedia (cache), a free and non-commercial website with more than a million articles in English, many of them translated into the major languages of the world, contributed by peoples from all over the world, including quite a number of Filipinos. In fact, Wikipedia (cache) has one of the most extensive information database about the Philippines and the Filipino people (cache).

So, why then is there a need for another website, such as "Likas-Philippines", about the Philippines and Filipino people, if there are so many already around?

Good question. Some thoughts are explored in "Why Likas-Philippines?".

As good and extensive as the Philippines and the Filipino people (cache) databases are in Wikipedia (cache), there are inherent flaws to its wiki-approach. For one, the history of a people, is never a question of truth or falsehood, it is basically a matter of perspectives. One of the great tragedies of the Philipppines and the Filipino people is that Philippine history has essentially been written by foreigners. Well-intentioned Filipino historians who attempted to address this issue are strapped with lack of primary documents; some are imprisoned by their own ideological bent.

There are other practical reasons:

  • "Official" government websites are subject to constraint by the policies of the existing administration.
    Some are too cash-strapped, like the Philippine National Museum, that they have to use ad-based free website.
  • Many commercial Philippines websites are full of advertisements, some of them may be vehicles for viruses and spywares that could compromise your privacy, and worse lead to identity theft.
  • Some well-intentioned individuals or groups have created Philippines websites, but the lifespan of these sites tend to be very short.
    Quite often, many of these sites tend to "copy" contents of other larger Philippine websites, including repeating the same errors and cliche about the Philippines and the Filipino people.

Clearly, there is a need for a more collaboratively-created website, developed by the efforts of as many Filipinos and those who care about the Philippines and Filipino people, in order create a site that is truly reflective of the Philippines and her people -- that provides a more balanced and objective presentation of the past and the present, as well as embodies the aspirations, hopes and dreams of the Filipino people, for the coming generations to come.

"Likas-Philippines" PhotoGalleries

The photogalleries associated with the One World website is referred to collectively as One World PhotoGalleries. The photogalleries for this section explores different aspects about the Philippines and the Filipino people.

The quality of the photos is a criteria for selecting those presented here those that will be included in the permanent archives of "Likas-Philippines". However, our goal in the "Likas-Philippines" PhotoGalleries is to capture the Philippines and the Filipino people as they are now

We use the term, "photogalleries" because we anticipate to create several databases for the archived photos of the different countries in various regions of the world.

Future Projects

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