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Cornelio, 00:31 UTC, Sat 16 Sep, 2006: Welcome everyone! Finally, after so many years, I share this long cherished dream with you, invigorated by others who understood what Likas-Philippines means and what it can do -- for our country and our people. Help make this dream a reality.

Submission of Photos and other Images


Copyright by Arlene Sadcopen
fr. Bolingbrook, IL, USA

Featured Topics & Contributors

Featured Places, Topics, Events & Contributors

  • Wind from Home (Mountain Province) by Ayeona
  • Tawi-Tawi by Farl & Adlaw
  • Baguio by Gomi, Bingbing & Adlaw
  • Kadayawan by Ron Arguelles
  • Sinulog by Adlaw, Marvin Maning, Farl and the CebuSugbo Group

National Holidays

Festivals, Celebrations & Holidays


  • (1)
    -HINUGYAW Festival (Kidapawan, Cotabato)
    -HANDURAW Festival (Leon, Iloilo)
  • (1-10)
    -WOW HIRINUGYAW Festival (Cabatuan, Iloilo)
  • (3-7)

Help Build these Websites

We need your help for this endeavor to work. You may do that by visiting the various pages that have been created so far. Send us your feedback comments to guide us further in developing the various. Better still, please join us in creating the various pages, by contributing article, photos, links, posting comments, etc.

And if you are loaded and believe in what we are trying to achieve here, please be generous with your financial support.

All individual contributions will be used to establish an endowmment fund -- the interest from the endowment shall be used to pay for the annual domain name cost and webhosting fee charges for the site.

Submission of Photos and other Images

One of the long-term goals of the "Likas-Philippines" websites is to create a website about the Philippines and Filipinos that embodies the collaborative efforts of as many Filipinos and other peoples as is possible.

We invite you to submit photos especially of places that are not the usual popular tourist destinations; as well as activities, events (e.g., festivals, holidays, etc.), issues and topics about the Philippines and Filipinos that are not well-explored.

Please understand that the various photogalleries of "Likas-Philippines" do not intend to rival or compete with, nor plan to become another flickr, Yahoo, Google, etc. photogallery site. For example, we do not intend to present a hundred photos of the famed "Manila Bay Sunset" nor thousands of photos of the white beaches of Boracay, etc.

Rather, our ultimate goal is to present a more balanced glimpse of a nation and a people, based mainly from the collective efforts of the people of a nation itself. This desired goal is not usually the objective of the existing multimedia of today (or even those in the past). Here, we emphasize "collective effort" because no single individual can capture the heart and soul of a people — no matter how well-intentioned or how good a photographer/writer (s)he may be.

Sizes, Watermarks and other Specifications

Sizes. At present, all photos are reduced to a common "large" size of 1000px that are then used to create the "normal", "thumb" and "mini" sizes in the photogallery presentations. The "thumb" and "mini" sizes are squared, and the "thumb" size is used for the randomized presentation of photos. The "normal" size of 650px (as shown above) is a proportionate reduction of the "large" size.

We suggest that photos submitted must have a width of at least 1020 pix. [Please read, submission and screening process, below.]

This "minimum size" policy may be relaxed during the early stages of the development of the photogalleries, to ensure that there will be sufficient photos to represent the various provinces of and ethnic groups in the Philippines.

Archived Images. The collective of "Community Leaders or Editors"? and the management of "Treasures of the Internet" will serve as an informal screening committee, to make periodic decisions on what group of images will be included in the "archived collection" — to represent this period in the "timeline" of the history of our nation. The input of registered users, through clicks, comments, "star rating", and other criteria will be considered by the screening committee, although the committee is not bound to follow the dictates of popularity.

Selections included in the archived collection will require higher resolution images. Thus, while we require a minimum of "1020px" width for initial submission, please keep higher resolution copies of your work, in case it has been considered for the "archived collection" and you agree to have your work included in the collection.

Markings. Submitted photos must not have any watermark or any other markings, whatsoever. We prefer also that you do not include any border layout — this will interefere with the automated bordering of the photos, created automatically by the specific "skins" in the photogallery propgram.

Exceptions to this rule are photos of works of art, e.g., paintings, prints, etc., that may have the signature of the artist.

Copyright and Related Binding Agreements

As a matter of policy, all photos included in the Likas-Philippines Photogalleries and archives, will have a default "Copyright by..." notice. Your personal page in Likas-Philippines will specify your own copyright policies.

Submitted work and TOTI. When you submit a photo or image and it gets accepted by one of the "Community Leaders or Editors"?, you will retain "full-copyright ownership" to your creation, in regard how you may grant other people the use of your creations. However, by submitting a work — and if accepted by the one of the "Community Leaders or Editors"? — you grant "Treasures of the Internet (TOTI)" unlimited and indifinite use, i.e., presentation of the submitted work for non-commercial purposes only. [More details and clarifications on this in a separate article.]

"Treasures of the Internet" is a non-profit endeavor. Thus, there will be no financial renumeration, upon submission or at anytime in the future, for any work submitted,accepted and used subsequently by the various websites of "Treasures of the Internet". For the same reason, you will not be asked to pay any annual fee for your accepted photo(s) to be included.

Submission and Screening Process of Photos

The initial reduction of a photo size to the standard 1000px "large" size allows the program to optimize the resolution of the archived photos to an average of 100-200kb. This "high-quality" is optimized for screen presentation, but not optimized for high-resolution print. This optimization process minimizes disk storage usage and as important, the unauthorized copying of photos for high-quality prints without expressed permission from the original owner.

We suggest that you keep high-resolution photos in sites, like flickr, yahoo, google, etc. — if you wish your friends and relations to download your photos for high-resolution print. This strategy also allows you to submit a selection of your photos — through URL transmission from your personal online photogallery.

A central "screening photogallery" is setup to accept authorized "URL transmission" from registered users. Please include all the information requested with each photo. A good and concise story (in the description) shares your thoughts and experience with the viewers; thus personalizing each photo. We encourage you to do this and it increases a chance for a photo to be included in the gallery.

The designated "Community Leaders or Editors"? for specific topics or places will make a preliminary judgement on whether a submitted work will be accepted. The accepted photo will then be included in the recent contributions of main photogallery of "Likas-Philippines". Well-received photos, by the viewers or editors, will increase the chances of submitted photos to be included in the archives.

Solicited Group of Photos

The volunteer "Community Leaders or Editors"? of "Treasures of the Internet" will actively view personal photogalleries from available online photogallery sites. One of them may contact you to invite you to submit a group of photos for personalized and featured presentation of specific destinations, topics or events.

[For your protection, the names of these "Community Leaders or Editors"? will be included in our official list.]

Registration and Login

You need to register once and login (each time) to submit a photo to a specific photogallery site.

More Questions?

We will create a Frequently Asked Question for this topic in the future to answer those that you may have in mind, and provide further explainations for the choices made in the selection of photos. If you have further suggestions, please share it with us through the forums.

Modifications to this page: Cornelio .
Page last modified on Friday 25 August, 2006 [18:13:27 UTC] by Cornelio.


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