"... That if all vicious men are bound together and constitute a force, then all honorable men ought to do the same ..." -- Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace)
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Cornelio, 00:31 UTC, Sat 16 Sep, 2006: Welcome everyone! Finally, after so many years, I share this long cherished dream with you, invigorated by others who understood what Likas-Philippines means and what it can do -- for our country and our people. Help make this dream a reality.

Forum: Pioneers & Volunteer Brigade

Forums->Pioneers & Volunteer Brigade->Likas-Philippines is a dream. Help make it a reality.

Likas-Philippines is a dream. Help make it a reality.

Likas-Philippines is a dream, nurtured for quite a long time now. Help make it a reality.

Here, in some of its various forms, the first foundations and the first few posts are being dug in the ground:

There are more of course, but now they are all still in our minds:

to which a few Filipinos already have responded because they too share the same dreams and the embodiment of human ideals and aspriations, that we too hope you will share with us, once you get to know more about these dreams.

You may not see yet, the beauty and the grandeur that is built in our minds. But imagine a house in the process of becoming — usually still mainly in the minds of the future homeowners and the architect who help share their vision.

One difference is that we, as in you and us, are both the homeowners and the architects. It is about our country and out people — from visions that reside in all of us: Filipinos.

What Likas-Philippines will become is what we make it to be.


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