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Cornelio, 00:31 UTC, Sat 16 Sep, 2006: Welcome everyone! Finally, after so many years, I share this long cherished dream with you, invigorated by others who understood what Likas-Philippines means and what it can do -- for our country and our people. Help make this dream a reality.

Forum: Core Team of Likas-Philippines

Forums->Core Team of Likas-Philippines->Request permission to include some of your photos in Likas-Philippines

Request permission to include some of your photos in Likas-Philippines

Suggestion for Core Team Members

Please read and revise the letter below, to personalize it to your own style of writing. I am old fashion and quite more used awhile back to writing letters for back to my family or friends. I retained that even when I shifted mostly to email.

For the individual solicitation, it is very important that have a greeting including the name of the person, and not just "Hi!" or "Hello"


Request permission to include some of your photos in Likas-Philippines

[Include Greeting: Hi (Name), or however you greet people.]

[Include a brief intro here to further personalize the letter.]

On behalf of the seminal Core Team of Likas-Philippines, we would like to request your permission for the photo requested to include in a Likas-Philippines website. Likas-Philippines is a collection of websites about the Philippines and her people, from the perspectives of Filipinos. We may request other photos (to be specified on a case-to-case basis in the future by one of the coordinators of each topic), if you agree in principle to further inclusion of your photos, under the submission policies for photos and images.

The website is still under construction but here is a demo page of the Likas-Philippines Photogalleries:


Being one of us, we would like to integrate your point of view in this endeavor. Including your photos would be one way of doing this. When there is more participation among Filipinos, there will be a separate PhotoGallery also to highlight the unique creations of Filipinos, called Likas-Philippines: Likha.

The Likas-Philippines website however will be more than just photogalleries of photos. We aim to have websites of articles about the provinces, cities and major towns, and tourist destinations in the Philippines, history, arts, literature, music, Pagkaing Filipino, religion and spirituality, ecosystems (flora & fauna, environmental issues) and more.

Our hope is that Likas-Philippines will be a collaborative project of as many Filipinos as is possible, so that the resulting website will truly capture a more balanced view of the Philippines and her people, from all Filipinos.

If you have any interest, in any of the stated topics and issues, or would want to include others not covered above, we invite you to volunteer and join us to make the dream that is Likas-Philippines a reality that we can all be proud of as Filipinos.

I will send you more information if you are interested to become a member of the Likas-Philippines Team.



[Include your name here, or username here.]

Brief outline of policies for submission of photos and images:

  1. Image must be a minimum of at least 1050 px (width or height)
    -- please avoid extreme height to width ratios for vertical images.
  2. Photo attribution will be included in the caption
    -except for the images of original art work: paintings, cartoons and other artistic and historic images, photos must not have any markings, copyright notices, signature, time stamp, etc., whatsoever. The caption will include: "Photo Copyright by 'Juan dela Cruz' (All rights reserved.)" or "Photo Copyright by 'Juan dela Cruz' (Some rights reserved.)" for copyrighted images and images under Creative Commons, respectively.
  3. No artificial framing — no borders, artificial fadeouts or shadowing, or similar post-processing processes.
  4. For copyrighted photos, i.e., not under "Creative Commons" license, you own indefinite and exclusive copyright to your images even after submission, but provide indefinite and unconditional non-commercial use of the images submitted to (and accepted by) Likas-Philippines, similar to the terms of agreement by the Atlantic Magazine.
  5. We hope to find funding in the future, so that the contents of Likas-Philippines are archived properly, for historical purposes. We recommend highly therefore that your actual name be used in the archival of your accepted photos. There is privacy issue that you must consider, but if you agree, please provide the name that should be used for image archival.
  6. There is no monetary compensation for accepted photos.

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